Welcome to Journey
We're Glad You Joined Us!
We meet in the school gym with casual and friendly environment, we have a lot of kids in our church so expect it to be a little loud and crazy at times. We have reintroduced our coffee bar before and after the service, so feel free to come a little early and hang out after the services. We start our meetings with singing and celebrating together. We believe in the gifts of the Spirit and will often experience testimony, prophetic words, tongues, and spontaneous songs. It is an open environment where every person is encourage to participate as the spirit leads. Our elders and leadership team are always at hand to bring order and direction as the Spirit moves. After worship we usually have about 30 minutes of preaching and teaching from the Bible. We share communion together at the end of the teaching time. We wrap up with a time to pray for each other and hang out. Kids have lots of space to play while we hang out and clean up at the end of the service.
Kids remain in the service for the first part of the worship time. Then kids pre-primary to grade 5 go to kids church. Sometimes these classes are together, sometimes they split in two age groups. Kids church is a mix of some fun activities,  an interactive bible lesson, time to ask questions and a fun experience with our loving kids ministry crew. There is a nursery for children 0-2 so parents with littles can engage more freely worship and the word. 
Friday nights our youth group gets together to worship, pray, teach, spend time in the spirit, and have loads of fun hanging out and building friendships. Please check the calendar and talk to Joe Cook for more info.