At Journey Church, we consider it important to express clearly and publicly what we believe God has revealed to us in the Scriptures. We believe there are core truths that are central to the Christian faith. While we acknowledge differences of opinion exist on numerous questions of doctrine and biblical interpretation, we consider these core truths to include a high view of Scripture, and salvation through faith alone, in Christ alone, by grace alone.
We know God has designed the church to be his body in the world representing his design for life as he intended it. In our humanity we all fall short of this, but empowered and transformed by his spirit we know we are called to bring what he's given us to the earth. We aim to do this by trusting his command that we can love others as he loved us. Our mission then is to teach and demonstrate this to one another and the world as we seek his grace and gifts.
As committed followers of Jesus Christ, we aim to build a strong, vibrant, faith-filled and life-giving community of Christians who seek to make a positive and lasting impact upon Cape Breton Island and surrounding area through our deeds and words.  
Working with recognized apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, along with a family of churches around the world who share a similar vision; we seek to continue growing in every way to become more and more like Jesus Christ in our day to day lives.  
To this end, we seek:
  • To impart a clear understanding of God’s purpose for His people as revealed in the coming of His kingdom and the extension of His covenant.
  • To encourage the growth of godly character and a commitment to victorious Christian living through anointed and practical instruction from God’s Word and through the demonstration of His power.
  • To strengthen and empower singles, married couples and families to live happy and fulfilled lives.  
  • To help raise up the children and young people of this church to become world-changing followers of Jesus Christ. 
  • To become involved in our community by giving ourselves to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to the release of those who are despondent and oppressed, and to the assistance of those who are financially and socially disadvantaged.